First time central heating (FTCH)

First time central heating grants are available to those without a heating system or where no boiler or radiators are present. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for those applying for the grants with us, from a free no-obligation survey right through to the measures being installed by gas safe approved engineers.

Grants explained
The grants are provided through the government ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, which obligates the larger energy companies to provide the funds to help reduce the emissions of homes by increasing their energy efficiency.

Reasons to apply and benefits of FTCH

The risks of living in a poorly heated home are numerous and include various health risks. With the ECO scheme we are able to provide homes with the heating systems they need, often at no cost to the occupier. As well as installing the radiators needed to heat your home, we will also install the Boiler and all pipework needed for the systems.

With the measures installed, the benefits include lower emissions, thus reducing your carbon footprint and therefore lower energy bills.

Benefits of FTCH

If you currently do not have any central heating and are unsure whether you should take advantage of the first time central heating grant, the answer is simple. The funding would lower your heating bills for you and your family whilst providing you with a warmer more comfortable living environment at no cost to you

Do you qualify?

As stated above, to qualify for a FTCH system, the grants are available to those without a heating system or where no boiler or radiators are present. If this is the case at your property then you may be eligible.

Someone living at the property must also be receiving one of the qualifying benefits listed, or else the property must qualify through your local councils LA Flex scheme (local authority flexible eligibility).

Both homeowners and those who privately rent can be eligible for the FTCH measures, as long as the other criteria are also met.

Give us a call today to see whether you are eligible for the measures if these circumstances apply to you.